About me

I am a freelance photographer from Northern New Jersey.

I have been a freelance photographer since my teen years. Ray Dwyer Photography was first established in 1986 and began as a small studio offering portraits, wedding photography and commercial photography.

My photographic skills are self taught, and learned from other photographers when I was young.  Though I consider myself a life-long learner, I am always open to trying a new technique, or perfecting the techniques with which I am currently working. 

My passion for photography began at an early age.

I first picked up photography in high school (back in the late-70's). My cousin owned and operated his own photography studio and I learn most of my early skills there.

I had a "film" range-finder camera back then and I captured mostly black and white photographs. I had a photo darkroom in my parents' basement where I developed most of my own images.  

I spent most of my free time as a teenager perfecting my skills in photography and photo processing.

My high school years...

I was also lucky to learn some additional photography skills from one of my high school teachers who was a photography enthusiast.  I'm sure my high school classmates all remember "Mr. H", who was with camera in hand was never too far away from any high school event.   I am proud that our Bogota High School class has remained in regular contact with each other over all these years. So many of my classmates are regular followers of my photography.  You have all collectively followed and supported my photography for so many years. Thank you!

Ray Dwyer Photography was established in 1986.

Taking my photo skills to a part-time career, I was a self-employed wedding / portrait photographer for nearly 15 years. Wedding photography is very rewarding.  It is also fun to be such an important part of a newly-married couples' special day get to meet and work with some great people.  I had a great amount of success in wedding photography.  As my children grew older, and weekends were taken up with the many activities of their youth, I put aside my wedding cameras to spend more time "being a dad".  It was a great time and I have never regretted shelving my wedding photography venture to put my time in a much more important role.

Portrait Photography

Today, I am still a freelance photographer, primarily concentrating on fine-art photography.While I currently limit my wedding photography services to family and close friends, I still offer portrait services for individuals, families, groups and corporate clients.  Out of respect for the privacy of my portrait clients', I make it a practice not to publish my clients portraits in public areas of my website. For information about my portrait services, or to setup an appointment to review my portrait portfolio, please contact me directly. 

Fine-Art Photography

All of my photographs presented on this website are available for sale.  There are over 500 photographs here, and there are new photographs posted regularly.  If you find a photograph you are interested in, you can easily order professional photographic prints directly from this site. Photographic print orders from this site are sent to me for approval, then sent on to my professional printing lab where they are skillfully printed and sent directly to you when the printing process is completed.  

Signed Original Prints

As an added feature, I offer signed photographic prints of any of my photographs at no additional change.  If you would like a signed print please contact me directly so I can arrange for my photo printing lab to send me your photographs for signature.  Once I will receive your photos, I will sign them and ship them to you right away. 

Thank you for your interest in my photography.  Remember --- visit here often! :)

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